Friday, April 9, 2010

Re-Find in Hastings-on-Hudson NY

On Spring Street in downtown Hastings on Hudson, Re-find occupies the space long-occupied by Rivercountry Press. Up the steps and inside this sunny shop is a potpourri of fashions, table ware, and home decor objects. At Re-find, there are handbags, dishes, water bottles, toys, pictures, and more.

Many items are new, many are consigned in excellent condition. It's fun to explore and find some special whatnot or outfit that you just have to have.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Milk Money in Hastings on Hudson NY

Milk Money children's consignment store, Hastings on Hudson NY
Consignment shops are a curious amalgam of thrift stores and boutiques. Refreshingly, Milk Money, on Warburton Avenue in the Movie House Mews in downtown Hastings on Hudson, feels like a colorful garden of bright new clothes for kids.

It's only upon inquiring that I found out it's a consignment shop. Everything looks crisp and clean.

You can bring in consignment items any time, no need for an appointment.

The owner of the shop, Joy Das, has created a cozy place for kids to play while their Moms shop for school clothes, shoes, and toys.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

More Info about Hastings on Hudson

If you're new to Hastings on Hudson NY, or thinking about visiting or moving here, you can find lots of information about the Village at Hastings on Hudson Online.

There you can read about relocating, government, schools, local history, organizations, recreation, health, resources for seniors, library services and the arts.

Also, peruse photos of local scenes and landmarks.

BTW, local shorthand name for Hastings on Hudson is "HOH."

Food for Thought Natural Foods

Food for Thought natural foods, Hastings on Hudson NY
It's surprising how many healthy and tasty essentials fit into downtown Hastings on Hudson's own little natural foods store, Food for Thought, on Spring Street.

From snack foods to frozen dinners, jars of sauces, cans of soup, breads, and fresh-from-the-farm organic produce. Pastas, dried beans and nuts, vitamins, minerals, herbs, and skin care.

While it's fun and inspiring to shop at the large, name brand health food supermarkets, for your daily needs, Food for Thought has most of what you need. And the prices are competitive, too, especially considering the gas you'll save by shopping right here.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Comfort in Hastings on Hudson NY

Comfort restaurant, Hastings on Hudson NY
Whenever I walk past Comfort, on Warburton Avenue, in Hastings on Hudson NY, I see tables full of people happily munching and in animated conversation with their companions, or simply enjoying the solitude of a quiet meal and a book.

Stopping in one day to find out what draws the dedicated following, I found a menu that combines traditional comfort-food items with terms like "organic", "free-range", and even "gluten-free" accompanying various selections. Also, unexpected juxtapositions, such as "Amish Select Roasted (organic) Chicken with Asian spices". Now that's a cross-cultural mix for you.

Here's another one, which enables kids of all constitutions, even those with sensitivity to wheat, to enjoy the same foods as their friends: "Dahli's Chicken Fingers, gluten-free" and gluten-free brownies. Gluten-free pasta is also available on request.

If you like your healthy food straight-up, the juice bar offers drinks such as "Wake-up" (carrot/apple/beet/ginger/lemon) and "Great to Be Green" (celery/cucumber/parsley/spinach).

Chef/owner John Halko extends his creative thinking to the business side of Comfort, by offering customers who pay $500 or more a "VIP card" that entitles them to eat at the cafe for the value of their expenditure plus 20%. It's his clever way of inviting loyal foodies to help him finance his long-awaited expansion, at a time when banks are holding back.